Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The new love in my life

I have fallen in love again. No, I didn't get another cat! I fell in love with this purse. I've been looking around for a purse pattern that was big enough, but not gaudy. After several months of thinking on this issue, I decided I had to come up with my own pattern. A trip to Jo-Ann was in order (it was Sunday so Hobby Lobby was closed and Michael's only carries Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton....color choices are all wrong with Lily's). Thankfully, I quickly found a gorgeous color of green. Green is my favoite color...is that obvious yet? Anywho, I make my way home with yarn and Starbuck's. Does life get any better?

Since I decided to make my own pattern, I of course found the perfect pattern immediately after getting home. That's okay though considering I fell in the love with this bag. The romance with my own pattern might have been luke warm at best.

I lined the bag with an old black tee shirt. It was a pain to sew in, but I really dislike sewing. Anything that takes longer than 10 minutes to sew gets me peeved.

Without further ado, my pretty purse without a name....


  1. I love this! Do you mind saying where you found the pattern?

    I love the entrelac scarf too, I have to learn to do that some day.


  2. Don't mind sharing at all! Here's a link - it's a free pattern.


    I love entrelac. It's surprising easy to do.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.