Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brand new blog

I was increasingly unhappy with my previous blog. Actually, it wasn't just a blog. It had all sorts of other things on it, which is nice but frustrating when I only wanted a blog. So, here it is...a pure and simple blog.

As with any new blog, I have to post pictures of my babies!

Above is my "little" Oliver. He's a very big cat. He was about six months old in that picture.

That one is Cooper. He loves snuggling with anything I've touched including my yarn and my purse.

This is Pipsy. She is snuggled up in her favorite "pirate ship". She is my only girl and also the oldest. She is the queen of the house...just ask her.

The last picture is Jackson. I took this picture after her injured his paw. He ripped out the two middle claws on his back paw. It was a pretty serious kitty injury, but he's fine now. Jackie is my sweetheart and my favorite kitty of all time (shh...don't tell the other cats).


  1. Jackson looks like my old cat, Mercedes. (Mercedes was a girl, though.) Sorry he hurt his paw. They are so cute. I miss my Mert. :(

  2. Awe....I bet you do miss her. :( I love Tuxedo cats because they always look like they are ready to go to a party in their little "outfits".

  3. You chose great photos of the kitties! I should put photos of my animals up on my blog. Hmmmmm...