Monday, July 6, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson

Dark secret time –

I have been surprisingly sad about the death of Michael Jackson. I haven’t only been sad. I think it’s safe to say I’ve actually been mourning. Typically, I hear about celebrities dying and think, “Oh that’s too bad.” I move on without giving it too much of a second thought. Considering all of the media coverage, it was next to impossible to not think about again. One couldn’t have a television or radio on without hearing about the latest news. That didn’t bother me too bad. Honestly, it has been like a train wreck. I cannot turn away.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I can remember watching almost every video he put out. I wore out my brother’s Thriller record (yes, record). Admittedly, Vincent Price’s laugh at the end of the song freaked me out. I would always have my mom stop the record before it got that part. After Thriller, everything went to tapes. I had to re-roll my Bad tape several times from being worn out. I got all excited when HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book 1 came out.

Truly, Michael Jackson was along for the ride while I grew up (he and Elton John...okay, okay, The New Kids on the Block helped, too). The part that confuses me is that he hasn’t put out any new music in a long time. It isn’t like my favorite artist died at the height of his career. So, why am I so bummed about all of this?

I have this overwhelming desire to remind people that he was a human being. I’ve heard people saying things like, “The world is better off with him.” How can someone be so callous to another human being? He was person who was never convicted of a crime yet the world condemned him. I guess I’m getting soft as I get more and more Catholic. Everyone is deserving of love and life. Even criminals deserve to live and have a chance to reconcile with God. Michael Jackson was innocent of all charges. Was he eccentric? Absolutely! That doesn’t mean he deserves to be labeled a pervert and a child molester.

I suppose I’m writing of this here just to get it off my chest. The memorial service is tomorrow. Maybe then I can stop thinking about it all of the time. I truly hope that God has mercy on his soul and welcomes him to heaven.

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